Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have showers and toilets?

Yes, we have gas powered showers and eco composting toilets.

Can we wild swim in your ponds?

No unfortunately not, our ponds are homes to our wildlife, so swimming in them would only disturb the wildlife that live in there.

Can we have a fire pit?

Yes, fire pits are allowed providing the wood is purchased from Westdown Farm. (£8 a bag)

Are we allowed to collect wood from around the farm?

We are a nature site, dead/fallen wood is the perfect home for Bugs, Beatles, and other insects, so unfortunately all fallen wood needs to be left where it has fallen. We also encourage campers to only keep to the paths, veering off the paths disturbs ground nesting birds and Bugs/Beatles habitats

Can we walk/cycle around the farm?

Of course you can, providing you keep to the paths.

Do you allow dogs?

Yes, we love campers’ furry companions, but they will need to be kept on leads at all times, that also applies to the camping areas, as we’re a working farm. The only ‘off lead’ area at Westdown Farm is a fairly small secure paddock adjoined to a small woodland area, where they can investigate the scent of the outdoors.

Do you have recycling points on site?

Yes, we have a wide range of recycling here. But all recycling must be WASHED. We can recycle dog poo but must be in compostable bags, plastic bottles and containers, glass, steel cans and aluminium, card, paper, veg peelings, cooked food, bread, unopened food, carrier bags, plastic wrappers.
Please note we do not have a general waste facility here

Can we plug in a fridge to the 12 volt solar system in the glamping cabins?

No, the system will only cope with phone charging.

Do we have our own toilet facilities in the glamping cabins?

Yes, each unit comes with its own private toilet situated just outside.

How far from the glamping cabins are the shower facilities?

We have 2 showers available for sole use to the units situated between 30 seconds and one minute away, depending on which unit you will be staying in.

Can our friends visit us at the glamping cabins?

The units are in an adult only area designed for couples so it’s a very peaceful and calm stay, so we do not allow visitors at the units.

Can visitors come to our camping pitch?

All visitors must report to campsite owners to pay a small fee and we also need to know who is here due to our insurance policy.

Can my children run free around the farm?

Farms can be dangerous places, so all under 15s must be accompanied by an adult to ensure their full safety.

Can we walk to the nearest town to go to the pub?

Walking along the A386 is not advised, a TAXI would be suitable.

Do you have a noise curfew?

Yes, we have quiet time between the hours of 10.30pm and 8am, so please make sure all music is turned off during these hours and all other noise is kept to a very low volume.

Do you allow groups?

Yes, we allow groups, but we usually allocate a pitch/area away from other campers. So please contact us prior to your booking to let us know.

Can I pay for my pitch at the end of my stay?

All pitch fees must be paid before setting up your pitch.

What animals are on the farm?

Cows, sheep, wild ducks, moorhens, Canada geese, wild deer, dogs, cat, chickens, wild squirrel, an array of wild birds, frogs, toads, newts, pipistrelle and long eared bats, foxes, barn and tawny owls, and 34 species of beautiful butterflies.

Can we feed the animals?

We don’t allow customers to feed our animals ‘treats’ as some have health conditions and if they eat the wrong foods, they can get seriously ill.

Can we go in with the chickens?

Have a chat with Farmer Dick, he will happily take you in to see them.